All purpose smart surgical glasses


  •    Orthopedic Trauma
  •    Orthopedic Spine
  •    Transforaminal Endscopic Surgery
  •    Orthopedic rehabilitation
  •    Gastroscope
  •    Laparoscopy

Operation Application

  • Precise surgical navigatio guide
  • To decrease X-ray exposure
  • Display 3D operation vision in VR
  • Shorten valuable operation time

Simulation Application

  • Surgical planning and simulation
  • Re-play operation procedure
  • Interpretation in 3D simulation images

Surgical Research

  • Primary perspective surgical broadcast
  • Integrated pre-operation planning pics
  • Real-time operation image
  • Organizing surgical case pics


  • Enhancing learning and training
  • Interpretation through X-ray images
  • broadcast surgical images
  • Guide junior surgeon in rural area to perform operation


Glasses ONE dual

    Specifications and Features.

    Light engine LCoS

    Field of view 80” @ 5m /320” @ 20m

    Resolution 1920 X 1080

    Brightness 500nits

    A simple way gets the surgical case picture and output to mobile device

    Real time operation image and see through surgery for surgical research

    Solution of surgery operation perspective and focused on operation procedure

    Smaller incision and faster recovery With minimally invasive surgery Feel safe for surgery

    Save cost of instrument Increase hospital revenue Enhance medical quality


10/11-10/14 台北國際電子產業科技展

09/29-10/01 菲律賓形象展

9/10-9/13 WCIT展覽

09/06-09/10 馬來西亞_雪蘭莪展覽

9/05-9/06 新北市商洽週

08/02-08/04 日本京都研究園區展覽

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