Breakthrough in Teaching

Asclepius – Virtual Anatomical Dissection Table helps the medical institutions in reducing the recurring year expense on the real human cadavers. The re-usable content of the Asclepius makes it a lot easier for the students and professors to perform the virtual dissection of the virtual human cadaver the number of times they want, unlike the real human cadaver.

Perfect Teaching Aid

Asclepius – Virtual Anatomy Table has proved itself to be the best teaching aid a student can have. With a fully annotated virtual human anatomy and ability to read the CT/MRI data and convert it to 3D for better understanding of the human anatomy, Asclepius – Virtual Anatomy Dissection Table is gaining popularity in the medical educational tools market. The ability to perform all sort of dissections virtually, Asclepius – Virtual Anatomy Table enables the students to understand the complex body structure and easy to remember.

Environmentally Friendly

Asclepius – Virtual Autopsy Table offers a similar experience like that of a human cadaver lab but without harmful chemicals and stinky environment. There is no concern about the exposure to radiations or other chemicals that can harm students physically.


Virtual Dissection Table,the cutting edge virtual real human anatomy table with touch screen interavtive experience provides unparallel advantages.

● Cost reduction
● Technical interactive showcase
● Various applications
● Superior education tool
● Hygienic,clean and safe



Asclepius – Virtual 3D Dissection Table’s intended use is for the medical institutions and colleges where the professors can connect the table with the projectors to perform a lecture to a small or large group of students. The pre-loaded data in the virtual anatomy table with full annotations helps the professors to instruct and easier for the students to memorize while having an idea of shapes and structures of the human organs, external and internal. The professors can prepare their own teaching material to teach the students.


Online examination

Asclepius comes with the feature of custom-made quizzes where the professors can customize their own quizzes to analyze the student's understanding of the specific topic.


Asclepius 43 and 43 LT

Asclepius 84 and 99

Asclepius 84EA and 99EA

Asclepius 65 4K

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