Usage Scenario


Usage Scenario: ASCLEPIUS TBK 84 EA with landscape and portrait orientation turns out to be a vital tool in teaching a larger number of students in a classroom where portrait orientation provides the clearer view of the human cadaver from a considerable distance as well.


Electronically Adjustable (EA) TBK 99 with features of Anantomy, Radiology and the Pathological Atlas creates value to the teaching metholdology. With the size of the 99 inches, it provides instructors and professors to teach the classroon with the large group of students. TBK 99 EA also is the center of attraction in the virtual anatomy lab as everyone wants to have a hands on experience with the virtual anatomy table.


TBK-84 EA Hardware Description

Screen Size84 inch
Dimension(Vertical)174.5(L) x 87(W) x 224cm(H)
(Horizontal)215(L) x 87(W) x 90.6cm(H)
Resolution3840 x 1080 (HD)
Weight of stand213 Kg

TBK-99 EA Hardware Description

Screen Size99 inch
Dimension(Vertical)174.5(L) x 109(W) x 262.5cm(H)
(Horizontal)260.2(L) x 109(W) x 90.5cm(H)
Resolution3840 x 1080 (HD)
Weight of stand325 Kg
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