Usage Scenario


Usage Scenario: ASCLEPIUS TBK 84 with its real size human cadaver view is the center of attraction in the classroom which lets a group of students with the professors to interact with the virtual human cadaver all together.


Virtual dissection table is opening new opportunities to our young students, it allows students to have clinical experiment on the virtual cadavers with no cost, and with this cutting edge technology, traditional group discussions can be carried out on the whole new level. With 99 inches of interactive touch screen table, we are cutting off complications of maintaining donor body and chemical filled laboratories.


TBK-84 Hardware Description

Screen Size84 inch
Dimension25cm(L) x 68.1cm(W) x 90.7cm(H)
Resolution3840 x 1080 (HD)
Weight of stand188 Kg

TBK-99 Hardware Description

Screen Size99 inch
Dimension260.2cm(L) x 84.2cm(W) x 90.5cm(H)
Resolution3840 x 1080 (HD)
Weight of stand310 Kg
  • Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co., Ltd
    would upgrade the system for better perfomance at our discreetion.