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Our Vision

Transforming the Medical Future

Bringing high-end and cutting-edge technology to medical, surgical, clinical and health system with innovations to make evolutionary improvements. We commit to meeting the needs of surgeons, physicians, patients, caregivers, educators by continuous R&D.Customers are assured of advanced medical experiences and outcomes with our integrated solutions, innovative products and services. At Taiwan Main Orthopedic Biotechnology, we aim to be the pioneer that strives to make medical insights and contribute to the development in the field of medical electronics, minimally invasive surgery, intelligent medical informatics, real-time medical data digitization & information visualization, surgical navigation, medical augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR)

Our Mission and Commitment

  • Serve as a trustworthy partner for surgeons to enhance the accuracy, precision and safety by visualizing real-time medical information during surgical procedures.
  • Increasing efficiency, minimizing complications & complexity, and shortening the operation time not only benefit the surgeons but also patients. A better patient experience comes with alleviating the pain and reducing recovery time.
  • Dedicate to provide revolutionary breakthroughs and disruptive innovations in surgical operations and minimally invasive surgery.
  • Benefits surgeons from being capable of leveraging real-time medical data and analytics in the operating room.
  • In terms of training surgeons or instructing medical students, we hope to deliver meaningful and essential knowledge that reaches efficient and effective educational purposes through our products and services.
  • Partner with surgeons, experts, professors, governmental research institute, outstanding corporations and manufacturers to develop products and services with the highest standard of quality at the most competitive prices possible.
  • Nonstop Research & Development seeking for endless possibilities and innovations.

About us

Core value,what we believe,how different we are

As a leading global medical appliance and Biotechnology company, we provide a variety of products, solution and services used in the orthopedic surgery, treatment in improving smart surgery meanwhile focus on educational purposes. We believe through using our products can make world more healthier, improve surgical management.This means increased capacity, improved productivity and better patient outcomes.

For doctors

To decrease their surgical inconvenient everything, we do must be of high satisfaction. We continually keep up provide value, reduce doctor’s operation time and maintain reasonable cost. Customers must be serviced readily and satisfactorily.

For patient

With the advance of science and technology, we must help people become more healthier, furthermore supporting better process and care in more places around the world. We can improve patients recovery times and surgical outcomes with our products and service, allows for a shorter hospital stay patients returning their regularity life on the day of their procedure quickly.

For better world

We are supporting communities by providing good working conditions, Employees also feel free and comfortable to make comments and complaints, but feel happy to work here. There must be equal opportunity for employment. We also care about medical education expect that we can change medical academe. we are proud of reducing medical resources waste and inefficiency, protecting the environment and natural resources. Eventually we are never stop learning to create a better world.