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OOOPDS – a surgical planning software received TFDA Class-II medical device certification developed by Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology announced today (12) that their OOOPDS 3D medical image reconstruction and surgical planning medical software has received TFDA Class-II certification. OOOPDS is the most comprehensive 3D surgical planning software in Taiwan. It is easy to combine medical-grade 3D printers. The next step is to submit for the USFDA to enter the US and worldwide 3D medical printing markets.

In recent years, 3D printing technology has gradually matured and has been applied in various related medical fields such as orthopedics, spine, dentistry, etc. However, the certified 3D medical imaging surgical planning is the key point that the printed 3D materials transfer into actual medical products. There is very few software like OOOPDS that offered easy-to-use functions the support not only the ultrafast conversion of DICOM into accurate 3D objects but also the one-touch segmentation for the surgical planning to simulate the surgical outcome. It is compatible to connect with 3D printers to print medical implants including metallic materials.

Patient-specific implants using 3D printers have proved their advantages in many research papers in recent decades. Using the patient’s CT and MRI scans to convert into doctors’ surgical plans and through 3D printing to generate custom implants is the best solution for implants. The main part is a key certificated medical software for the applications. OOOPDS is now ready to go into the market with TFDA in Taiwan. For more information, please refer to our official website on www.surglasses.com.

The CEO Wang Min-Liang said Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology is well-known innovative medical device company that developed the world’s first smart surgical glasses with Augmented Reality technology. Our smart surgical glasses products obtained the CE mark, and the product has been deployed in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, India, Russia, and other regions. The company is very innovative when it comes to medical software and algorithms. The OOOPDS software is one of our key projects while the company startup. We are very happy to announce the TFDA certification for OOOPDS and we welcome any kind of cooperation.

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OOOPDS has received TFDA Class-II certification.


OOOPDS is a professional application software system for audio-visual imaging. It provides image applications in DICOM medical image format. It can read 3D image models with CT, MRI, OOOPDS and 2D/3D image conversion operations.

Image tool

OOOPDS provide basic operation and use multiple image features, such as image processing, image rendering and image measurement, drawing tools, and has a plurality of core OOOPDS computing technology, including 3D image area split, cutting and application object and image simulator suitable for general use of medical imaging operation.

Surgical simulation planning

OOOPDS is dedicated to the software system for orthopedic medical imaging applications. It has developed a number of digital image simulation operations and visual image operations. This is also the OOOPDS core processing operation function for the surgical simulation planning of digital images.

OOOPDS provides a medical image analysis method, which is constructed by combining DICOM image data and 3D rendering system. The 2D/3D image conversion is built and the DICOM data results are presented. The simulation experiment application, which extends down to the image, provides multi-party reference data analysis in the field of orthopedics, and exerts the best results of computer image computing.


OOOPDS provides visual analysis of DICOM data and 2D/3D image conversion for biomedical engineering experiments, digital medical image viewing and image model simulation analysis

OOOPDS has a 2D/3D conversion calculation function for medical images, providing a true scale image 3D overlay reconstruction model, and providing X, Y, Z triaxial 2D cross-sectional images and 3D model image space. OOOPDS provides core calculations for a variety of orthopedics simulation applications, including automatic bone tissue separation for image manipulation, cutting and 3D objectization, and imaging simulation applications such as spine puncture, bone plate nails and implant tools. Set image loading, processing operations to subsequent 3D model applications, 3D model simulation, and a smooth digital image operation planning process.


  • CT
  • MRI


  • Spinal puncture path planning simulation
  • General/customized bone plate planning simulation
  • Screw locking / SI locking screw / screw implant planning simulation
  • Manual reset / automatic symmetrical reset planning simulation

OOOPDS is a professional medical imaging application software system that provides visual analysis of DICOM data and 2D/3D image conversion. It is suitable for biomedical engineering experiments, digital medical image viewing and image model simulation applications to achieve the best digital integration of medical images.


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