Augmented Reality Surgical Glasses


The first cutting edge smart surgical glasses that applied augmented reality technologies into surgeries in the world has been created by Taiwanese scientists. Generally speaking, during operation, surgeons always look up to the screen in order to confirm the patient's X-ray images. And it leads to a decrease in the precision of surgery. This traditional method requires surgeons to take too many X-ray shots, which exposes both patients and surgeons to radiation. Foresee-X Directly shows and records X-ray images with the Medical image processing Box, which decreases the amount of X-ray image taking. Foresee-X can also be applied to display Endoscopy in real-time.


Smart glasses system for minimally invasive surgeries and to do deep research in the innovation of surgical planning and navigation system.

Augmented Reality

Smart surgical glasses equipped with Augmented Reality technology.

Increasing efficiency

Improves efficiency by allowing surgeon to focus on operational field instead of computer screens and monitors.

Reduces radiation exposure

Reduces radiation exposure by lowering the necessity of taking "X-ray" photos during operations.

Easy For Users

Equipped with image enhancement procedure, able to zoom in.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is Foresee-X?

Augmented Reality (AR) Smart Surgical Glasses, a real cutting-edge technology used for surgeries related to Trauma cases, minimally invasive surgeries with in depth discussion and requirements with surgeons and doctors worldwide to improve the surgical procedures. With this AR Smart Surgical Glasses, the requirement for the external monitors for the surgeons to monitor the surgical procedures is reduced to minimum. Traditionally, the surgeons need to take a lot of radiological images during the entire surgical procedures and need to turn the head numerous times which somehow affected the surgical procedure time. With the introduction of AR Smart Surgical Glasses, the radiological images are transferred, after being processed in the image processing system, to the glasses directly which enable the surgeons to stay focused on the patient without having the need to look away of the external monitors.

How do I use Foresee-X?

Foresee-X is an AR technology-based Head Mounted Display Smart Surgical Glasses. Foresee-X has the ability to be connected to various standard medical devices like ultrasound, endoscope, navigation systems, etc. The Foresee-X is a wearable Smart Surgical Glasses that reduces the head movement of the surgeons towards external monitors during surgical procedure.

What language are available?

Currently, the software is available in English only. But if required can be translated to different languages as well.

How do I own Foresee-X?

How can it be helpful for surgery?


  • Augmented Reality Smart Surgical Glasses allows patient’s data to be dynamically synchronized with the glasses with Medical Image Processing Box.
  • Enables the surgeons to focus on the patient rather than on the external monitors.
  • Collect data from all kinds of radiological devices.
  • Ability to connect with different standard devices like ultrasound, endoscope, etc.
  • Suitable for minimally invasive surgery
  • Easy to wear, customized lenses for surgeons with glasses
  • Wireless connection to the image processing box.